Find your own Love within yourself.

Step 1:

As humans we are used to playing the blame game towards someone else rather than looking within ourselves…

We blame everything and everyone around us. Parents, partner, friends, teachers, schoolmates, employees.
This habit gets stronger and stronger over time.

Our energy is directed one way..
There has to be someone who ruins your life and must be punished. The outside world is hostile and dangerous. It is full of obstacles and downfalls. Enemies are everywhere.

Does this sound familiar?
But has it ever worked?
Has it ever brought you peace?
Right…. it has not!
Why? Love does not come from the outside it comes from within. You need to feel it!

I am going to give you 5 steps to help you find your own Love within yourself.

Step 1. Meet the true you.

Usually, we feel uncomfortable when meeting new people. We don’t know how to behave and worry how we look, what others will think about us. We would even like to be like someone else..

Meeting the REAL you is the same. To be precise it is a challenge.
When you meet strangers you always have the choice to step away from them.
You will not meet them again.
But meeting the real you is followed by a lifetime together.
You must find a way to live happily together with yourself.

Say YES to meeting the REAL you.
How would you behave?
Would you like yourself and the way you look?
Would you choose to run away?
Write it down or think about it….

Next week I will talk about

step 2. Exploring yourself.

You’ve been living with yourself all your life and there is nothing to explore? Believe me there is a lot to explore.

Do you feel you need guidance now. Do you have a question you would like answered?

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