Step 2 of Love yourself first

Today we are going to talk about step 2.

Exploring yourself.

How often do we pretend to be someone else?

Why do we do this?

Because we want others to like us and we are afraid they won’t like the real you!

We also do not like to say no and do things we do not want to do to make others happy!

Where is your own happiness???

This is what we do:

We create the person we want to be and believe it is the real us.

However is the person that we created truly who we want to be, and do we like this person?

Do we ever pay attention to our fears or hidden wishes?

Today is the day to pay attention to it!!!

Ask yourself the next questions:

You could write it down….

1. What kind of person are you creating?

2. Do you like this person?

3. Which person do you want to be?

To explore ourselves, we need to give ourself time. Which is possible when you spend time alone rather than with friends or family.

What we do usually is the moment we have time we start calling friends or family and start gossiping or we get connected with social media (this we even see as friends or being social).

Believe me this is not making you feel happy with yourself!

Follow below the things that could help you:

1. Go traveling by yourself, or a day out by yourself or just time by yourself this will help you in a really positive way

2. Avoid gossiping, maybe it is time to have a closer look at your friends and see what kind of relationship you have. Does it feel positive or negative?

3. Be around people who talk creatively or always encourge you to do something new. Positive people around you are so important!

4. Watch a movie by yourself (choose a movie with meaning so you can learn from it) when you do this you will think over some thoughts or ideas.

5. Read a book or articles.

6. Try to connect with nature, which means have a walk in nature. Go to the beach. Hiking.. it gives you a fresh perspective about life..

Today is the day to start exploring yourself!

Do you feel you need guidance. Do you have a question you would like answered?

Then please get in touch…..

Next week I will talk about Step 3.

Accept yourself for who you truly are.

Self-acceptance…. to value all parts of yourself. The good and the bad. The good ones we embrace, the bad we need to improve . We need to value every part of ourselves.

Love, Ingrid

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