Step 3 Self-acceptance

This week we are going to talk about step 3.


Do you like who you are? Do you like who you have become? Let me rephrase the question and be more specific what aspects of yourself do you like?

Yes, I know this is getting difficult, because many of us do not know what to answer or their answers are going towards negative qualities and thoughts about themselves!

When we go more and more into this vibe/energy more doubt comes in and more negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can quickly become reality and then rule our life when we let this happen….

You may ask the question what does this have to do with self-acceptance?

Self-esteem stems from self-acceptance.
This means you need to accept who you are now and not who you think you are supposed to be. This also means you need to accept your good qualities and your bad qualities. Yes we ALL have them.

This is where many people get stuck because they are not able to admit they do have flaws or when they accept them they are uncomfortable living with them

How can you improve your self-acceptance?

Take a deep breath and asked yourself this question.

How close are you to the person you want to be?

Take a few minutes before you answer the next questions.

* Analyze who you are in your life?
* Is this the REAL you?
* What is one of your best qualities?
* What would your family say about you?
* What would your friends say about you?

Are you happy with the answers?

It is time to accept the fact that no one judges you more than you judge yourself.

You can be your own worst enemy, you need to get out of your own way and start creating patience for yourself by:

Being kind to yourself.
Being patient with yourself.
Accepting your flaws and working on them because no one is perfect.

Remember you ARE worth it, and YOU deserve to be happy.

Do you feel stuck and do you need help? I can help you and give you the tools and guidance..

Please get in touch and I would love to help.

Love, Ingrid

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