Step 4. Friendship

We spend a lot of time thinking about our friends, we support and help our friends wherever we can! When we start to fall into the rhythm of our busy social life, we may unconsciously ignore to be our own friend. 

What are the conditions of your friendships, to keep having contact, spending time together, thinking about and being part of their important dates. (birthday, wedding, child birth, etc.)

We are caring and giving to keep our friendships on good terms.


We don’t often give ourselves the same caring attention!



To be a good friend for others it is important you are a great friend to yourself, you must have an honest strong and healthy relationship with yourself first .

Listen to your inner voice, let your own feelings lead you, TRUST.

Are you supportive and understanding towards yourself?

Are you a friend to yourself?

Start by spending some quality time alone with yourself. (without feeling guilty).

Go for a walk on your own once a week.

Go swimming once a week.

Take time to read a book.

Take time to meditate.

Listen to yourself, have a conversation with yourself.

Choose something that recharges your battery.

Find your own way!

To keep your relationship with yourself true and clear.

Remember find the REAL you.

(READ STEP 1 Meet yourself!).


You must STOP comparing yourself to others!!!!!

When you compare your personality, the way you look or your achievements to others, you lose sight of your unique self.


That taking care of yourself, being a good friend to yourself isn’t selfish!

We all have physical, emotional and spiriual needs. Meeting them is a MUST not a luxury!

Do you feel stuck and do you need help? I can help you and give you the tools and guidance. Please get in touch and I would love to help.

Make contact today.

Love, Ingrid

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