Step. 5 Choosing LOVE

LOVE what does it actually mean? You can google it and you will find out. The definition of LOVE is living your values everyday, letting our inner voice encourage and support us, living in one vibrational energy and so it goes on. When you hear the word LOVE what do you feel, what are you thinking of, have you ever felt LOVE? Keep in mind that LOVE is not just something a stranger can bring into your life. It is not something to wait for and suddenly it will appear. LOVE is a choice, it is a path you decide to take. Let’s have a look into your Daily YOU. (Creating a Daily YOU routine is coming soon). Think of the people in your life that you LOVE and respect. How do you treat them? Take a couple of minutes to think about this! Now think of how you treat yourself. Do you give yourself the same LOVE and respect that you give your closest friends and family?We are going to go a step further!!! Do you take care of your body, your mind and your needs? Start a new daily routine with the ways below to show your body and mind self-LOVE.

o Sleeping properly (keep in mind everyone is different)

o A healthy diet.

o Giving yourself time and space, in every kind of way mental and spiritual..

o Exercising regularly

o Being thankful for yourself and those around you

o Avoiding negative vibes of energy from toxic people. (coming soon more about toxic people, who they are and how to deal with them)

o Meditation.

How many of the above daily activities do you actually allow yourself?

Are you truly LOVING yourself?

Please email me and let me know the ways in which you are LOVING yourself in the link below!

Remember you have to show yourself that you LOVE you, from the beginning until the end of your day.

Do you feel stuck and want to make change but don’t know what to do? I can help you so please get in touch.


Love, Ingrid

Step 4. Friendship

We spend a lot of time thinking about our friends, we support and help our friends wherever we can! When we start to fall into the rhythm of our busy social life, we may unconsciously ignore to be our own friend. 

What are the conditions of your friendships, to keep having contact, spending time together, thinking about and being part of their important dates. (birthday, wedding, child birth, etc.)

We are caring and giving to keep our friendships on good terms.


We don’t often give ourselves the same caring attention!



To be a good friend for others it is important you are a great friend to yourself, you must have an honest strong and healthy relationship with yourself first .

Listen to your inner voice, let your own feelings lead you, TRUST.

Are you supportive and understanding towards yourself?

Are you a friend to yourself?

Start by spending some quality time alone with yourself. (without feeling guilty).

Go for a walk on your own once a week.

Go swimming once a week.

Take time to read a book.

Take time to meditate.

Listen to yourself, have a conversation with yourself.

Choose something that recharges your battery.

Find your own way!

To keep your relationship with yourself true and clear.

Remember find the REAL you.

(READ STEP 1 Meet yourself!).


You must STOP comparing yourself to others!!!!!

When you compare your personality, the way you look or your achievements to others, you lose sight of your unique self.


That taking care of yourself, being a good friend to yourself isn’t selfish!

We all have physical, emotional and spiriual needs. Meeting them is a MUST not a luxury!

Do you feel stuck and do you need help? I can help you and give you the tools and guidance. Please get in touch and I would love to help.

Make contact today.

Love, Ingrid

Step 3 Self-acceptance

This week we are going to talk about step 3.


Do you like who you are? Do you like who you have become? Let me rephrase the question and be more specific what aspects of yourself do you like?

Yes, I know this is getting difficult, because many of us do not know what to answer or their answers are going towards negative qualities and thoughts about themselves!

When we go more and more into this vibe/energy more doubt comes in and more negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can quickly become reality and then rule our life when we let this happen….

You may ask the question what does this have to do with self-acceptance?

Self-esteem stems from self-acceptance.
This means you need to accept who you are now and not who you think you are supposed to be. This also means you need to accept your good qualities and your bad qualities. Yes we ALL have them.

This is where many people get stuck because they are not able to admit they do have flaws or when they accept them they are uncomfortable living with them

How can you improve your self-acceptance?

Take a deep breath and asked yourself this question.

How close are you to the person you want to be?

Take a few minutes before you answer the next questions.

* Analyze who you are in your life?
* Is this the REAL you?
* What is one of your best qualities?
* What would your family say about you?
* What would your friends say about you?

Are you happy with the answers?

It is time to accept the fact that no one judges you more than you judge yourself.

You can be your own worst enemy, you need to get out of your own way and start creating patience for yourself by:

Being kind to yourself.
Being patient with yourself.
Accepting your flaws and working on them because no one is perfect.

Remember you ARE worth it, and YOU deserve to be happy.

Do you feel stuck and do you need help? I can help you and give you the tools and guidance..

Please get in touch and I would love to help.

Love, Ingrid

Step 2 of Love yourself first

Today we are going to talk about step 2.

Exploring yourself.

How often do we pretend to be someone else?

Why do we do this?

Because we want others to like us and we are afraid they won’t like the real you!

We also do not like to say no and do things we do not want to do to make others happy!

Where is your own happiness???

This is what we do:

We create the person we want to be and believe it is the real us.

However is the person that we created truly who we want to be, and do we like this person?

Do we ever pay attention to our fears or hidden wishes?

Today is the day to pay attention to it!!!

Ask yourself the next questions:

You could write it down….

1. What kind of person are you creating?

2. Do you like this person?

3. Which person do you want to be?

To explore ourselves, we need to give ourself time. Which is possible when you spend time alone rather than with friends or family.

What we do usually is the moment we have time we start calling friends or family and start gossiping or we get connected with social media (this we even see as friends or being social).

Believe me this is not making you feel happy with yourself!

Follow below the things that could help you:

1. Go traveling by yourself, or a day out by yourself or just time by yourself this will help you in a really positive way

2. Avoid gossiping, maybe it is time to have a closer look at your friends and see what kind of relationship you have. Does it feel positive or negative?

3. Be around people who talk creatively or always encourge you to do something new. Positive people around you are so important!

4. Watch a movie by yourself (choose a movie with meaning so you can learn from it) when you do this you will think over some thoughts or ideas.

5. Read a book or articles.

6. Try to connect with nature, which means have a walk in nature. Go to the beach. Hiking.. it gives you a fresh perspective about life..

Today is the day to start exploring yourself!

Do you feel you need guidance. Do you have a question you would like answered?

Then please get in touch…..

Next week I will talk about Step 3.

Accept yourself for who you truly are.

Self-acceptance…. to value all parts of yourself. The good and the bad. The good ones we embrace, the bad we need to improve . We need to value every part of ourselves.

Love, Ingrid

Find your own Love within yourself.

Step 1:

As humans we are used to playing the blame game towards someone else rather than looking within ourselves…

We blame everything and everyone around us. Parents, partner, friends, teachers, schoolmates, employees.
This habit gets stronger and stronger over time.

Our energy is directed one way..
There has to be someone who ruins your life and must be punished. The outside world is hostile and dangerous. It is full of obstacles and downfalls. Enemies are everywhere.

Does this sound familiar?
But has it ever worked?
Has it ever brought you peace?
Right…. it has not!
Why? Love does not come from the outside it comes from within. You need to feel it!

I am going to give you 5 steps to help you find your own Love within yourself.

Step 1. Meet the true you.

Usually, we feel uncomfortable when meeting new people. We don’t know how to behave and worry how we look, what others will think about us. We would even like to be like someone else..

Meeting the REAL you is the same. To be precise it is a challenge.
When you meet strangers you always have the choice to step away from them.
You will not meet them again.
But meeting the real you is followed by a lifetime together.
You must find a way to live happily together with yourself.

Say YES to meeting the REAL you.
How would you behave?
Would you like yourself and the way you look?
Would you choose to run away?
Write it down or think about it….

Next week I will talk about

step 2. Exploring yourself.

You’ve been living with yourself all your life and there is nothing to explore? Believe me there is a lot to explore.

Do you feel you need guidance now. Do you have a question you would like answered?

Then please get in touch…..

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