Welcome to another Timeless Pick A Card Reading!

What do you need to do?

Take a few moments to centre yourself.

By closing your eyes and breathing deeply, bring your focus to the present moment.

Pick a card 1 – 2 – 3

See below the answer of each card.

Card 1 boundaries – line in the sand!

Archangel Michael hands you, his sword. It is time to set an energetic boundary by symbolically drawing a line in the sand.

This sword is presented symbolically to you by Archangel Michael as a call for definitive action. The time has come for you to set distinctive boundaries in a particular area of your life. A boundary is a guide, limit or rule that you create that identifies your expectations of acceptable, safe and reasonable behaviour from others. This line prevents people from infringing on your time, resources and generosity. Archangel Michael understands how difficult it is for you to set up such boundaries especially when it involves people that you love and hold dear to your heart; however, he has called you to do this for your own health and self-preservation. The line is a marker of tolerance and acceptability, signifying a healthy respect for one’s self. Energetically your stance will be felt by those involved. Healthy boundaries are the most precious gift as they effectively force a reorganization of behaviour and assist people to respect you as an integral and valued part of their life. Archangel Michael will continually send you strength to maintain this energetic statement.

AFFIRMATIONS: I am confident in my ability to say NO. I am setting a healthy and responsible boundary. I am in control of my life and I am able to take control of any situation. I create and maintain boundaries that protect and support me.

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: Self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence, personal choice, empowerment, trust, stability, set standards, assertiveness, loving parent, discipline, power struggle, say “NO”, protection, teacher, laws and regulations, closure of legal issues, grounding, withdrawal, end of drama.

Card 2 chimney sweep – financial assistance

Archangel Michael requests that you allow him to “Chimney Sweep” your worries, anxieties and fears about money. He will replace them with the rich emotions associated with abundance. Financial pressures are about to ease.

The sword and shield are symbolically presented to you by Archangel Michael as powerful tools for stress relief. Archangel Michael steps in to provide guidance and assistance regarding your financial affairs. It is time to surrender you concerns about money to Divine care and love. Prosperity or lack of it is an outer expression of ideas in your head. Prosperity begins with feeling good about yourself. When you believe that anything is possible, you open yourself up to solutions and answers in every area of your life. It is time for a spring clean of your affairs. Archangel Michael will send people and guidance that will assist you with book keeping, saving, taxation, business or anything related to your present debt. You may be guided to a new bank, to cancel a credit card or to change your spending habits. He will also guide you to change your long scripted belief systems regarding money. Money is purely and simply an energy; a universal unlimited source that arrives from expected and unexpected sources Archangel Michael assists you to now to tap into this God given source.

AFFIRMATIONS: I am open and receptive to new avenues of income. Archangel Michael assists me with my financial affairs. I am an unlimited being, accepting from an unlimited source, in an unlimited way. I accept good graciously into my life. All my needs are met abundantly for me now and always.

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: Windfall of money coming, debt cleared, pay rise, business growth, new job, bills paid, loan repaid, following life purpose, financial management, assistance of Earth Angels in spiritual based business, gratitude, inheritance.

Card 3 car protection – safe journey!

Archangel Michael and his band of Angels stand in protection over your car or a loved one’s car.

This shield is symbolically presented to you by Archangel Michael as a powerful tool of protection. Archangel Michael is extremely vigilant when called on for protection when travelling on the road. He asks that you make him a regular passenger in the car, even if there’s no spare seat, he will sit on the bonnet or roof happily! As you click your seatbelt in place, request Archangel Michael’s presence; maybe even set up with Archangel Michael that he automatically arrives when the seatbelt clicks in. Visually surround your car or a loved one’s car with a solid gold cushion of light. Golden light is particularly Angelic and a very powerful protective energy. Before you leave invoke Archangel Michael and his band of Angels to protect you at all times during your travels, say “Archangel Michael go before me in love and protection!” For a loved one just insert their name. Maintaining a protective energy within a car is also achieved by having an item that symbolically represents an Angel such as an Angel visor clip or token. Once Archangel Michael is evoked he will intervene during your travels when required, so know that when your route is diverted or you are caught behind slow traffic there will be a reason for this that is Angelically Orchestrated. Don’t forget the Angels are fabulous at finding the perfect safe parking spaces, too. Say “parking Angels full of grace please find me the perfect parking space!” Know that Archangel Michael will accompany you on any journey on any form of transport such a bus, plane, train, boat, bike or even riding a horse.

AFFIRMATIONS: I am peaceful, relaxed and safe as I drive. I am protected in my car. I have a safe journey. I am guided on my journey by Archangel Michael, I follow his guidance. I am Divinely protected; my family and children are Divinely protected on the road.

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: Travel in a new direction, road trip, road blocks, car maintenance required or new tyres required, new car, new driver, unexpected delays, sign posts, road less travelled, public transport, overseas holiday or trip.

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