Guidance plan

Powerful Guidance plan

Are you ready to experience powerful guidance plan? Are you ready to change your life? Do you want to be healed inside and out so that you can take a huge step forwards in life? Are you in need of practical tools and insights and a deep inner knowing of who you are?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then our powerful guidance plan is made for you! The plan offers a unique combination of reading, healing and coaching. Let’s look at all the elements involved in the plan / program.

Part 1 of the powerful guidance plan: Reading

There is a lot of information stored in your energetic field that you are unaware of. For example what your mission is, what lessons you are meant to learn, what kind of lives you have lived etc. The reading sessions will allow us to access this information. In this way, you can get answers to questions that you might have had all your life. On top of that, they provide you with a deep understanding of who you are.

Part 2 of the powerful guidance plan: Healing

During the healing sessions you will come into balance. Your chakras will be aligned and all blocks that can be removed will be removed. This will allow energy to be flowing freely through your body again. It will also allow life to work for you instead of against you. Often when an energy center is blocked, your energy will be depleted. The consequences of this can be having a hard time to speak up or being very restless for example. The healing sessions will allow these blocks to be removed and will re-align you with your highest frequency again. This is the frequency that you were born with but might have forgotten over time.

Part 3 of the powerful guidance plan: Coaching

Our coaching sessions are meant to provide practical tools and insights to assist the reading and healing sessions. Working on the energetic field alone is not enough. You also need to transform your beliefs and thinking so that they fit with your new energetic self. On this we will work in the coaching sessions.

Are you ready to create the life that you have been dreaming of?

With Weekly or bi-weekly sessions (you can choose 5 to 10 sessions or more)

The unique combination of the three elements allow us to go deep within your soul and touch upon the mental energy field, the emotional energy field and the spiritual energy field. Because we can go that deep, we can get into the layers of your being where blockages have been formed that are holding you back in life. Once these blockages are removed and the lessons that are attached with these blockages are understood, you are free to let go of them and you are free to move up to a higher vibration. At a higher vibration your life will start flowing with ease and abundance will come your way naturally.

Maybe you have been craving to find out what your greatest strength is and what your mission is on this earth. Once you are aligned with your frequency again, your mission will find you and the universe will make sure that you will be able to live from it. Are you ready to live the life that you have been waiting for?

The sessions take place through a video conferencing platform such as whatsApp, messenger or skype. Each session takes 60min.

Will you choose to invest in yourself?

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