Lenormand Card


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The Lenormand Garden is the card to look at when you have a question about how a party or other public activity will go. On its own, the Garden represents good times. It can also indicate events taking place in nature, such as hiking, gardening, and camping. People who show up with the Garden are quite active and outgoing – the life of the party, but also a nice person. The card can also describe someone as not being in a committed relationship and enjoying playing the field.


Stop and imagine for a moment. It’s a sunny day. Birds are flitting here and there in trees. Hear the constant chatter. The restless energy, always on the move. That’s the Lenormand Birds card. It’s verbal discussions, gossip, and nervous energy.

Just as you rarely see a solitary bird in nature, the Birds card represents couples and activities involving more than one person. It’s the job interview, meetings, and phone calls.The Birds are an indicator of activity in your life. It’s where you’re spending a lot of energy, and the things you’re focusing on.

The Clover 2

The Clover is a card of luck. But just as a clover wilts and fades in time, so does the Lenormand Clover card, making it short-term luck at best. Yet, just as clovers fill us with hope and optimism, this card inspires us to keep faith because something good is coming our way. But just as finding a four-leaf clover is an unexpected surprise, so too are the events indicated by the Lenormand Clover card. The card suggests that while things will turn out well, they may not go exactly as planned.