Step. 5 Choosing LOVE

LOVE what does it actually mean? You can google it and you will find out. The definition of LOVE is living your values everyday, letting our inner voice encourage and support us, living in one vibrational energy and so it goes on. When you hear the word LOVE what do you feel, what are you thinking of, have you ever felt LOVE?

Keep in mind that LOVE is not just something a stranger can bring into your life. It is not something to wait for and suddenly it will appear. LOVE is a choice, it is a path you decide to take.

Let’s have a look into your Daily YOU. (Creating a Daily YOU routine is coming soon).

Think of the people in your life that you LOVE and respect.

How do you treat them?

Take a couple of minutes to think about this!

Now think of how you treat yourself.

Do you give yourself the same LOVE and respect that you give your closest friends and family?

We are going to go a step further!!!

Do you take care of your body, your mind and your needs?

Start a new daily routine with the ways below to show your body and mind self-LOVE.

o Sleeping properly (keep in mind everyone is different)

o A healthy diet.

o Giving yourself time and space, in every kind of way mental and spiritual..

o Exercising regularly

o Being thankful for yourself and those around you

o Avoiding negative vibes of energy from toxic people. (coming soon more about toxic people, who they are and how to deal with them)

o Meditation.

How many of the above daily activities do you actually allow yourself?

Are you truly LOVING yourself?

Please email me and let me know the ways in which you are LOVING yourself in the link below!

Remember you have to show yourself that you LOVE you, from the beginning until the end of your day.

Do you feel stuck and want to make change but don’t know what to do? I can help you so please get in touch.


LOVE, Ingrid